Lm317 equivalent

Je recherche des équivalents du fameux régulateur lm317. L’application est audio et consomme environ 60mA, d’où mon choix de base d’un. Classiques ou astucieux, les montages à bases du régulateur de tension LM3sont nombreux et aideront à la conception d’alimentations . Le LM3est réglable en tension, pas le 78L0 tu as besoin de quoi au juste ? Nous ne pouvons pas être responsables si l’équivalence proposée est inexacte.

Equivalence(s) possible trouvé(s) pour: LM317T . LM3est la référence d’un régulateur de tension linéaire à trois broches.

C’est un régulateur de tension positive dont la tension de sortie peut être ajustée . Le LM317T est un régulateur de tension réglable positive destinée à fournir plus de A de. FGFIURES DGSCſ iſºſiOſ) m Guaranteed Output Voltage Tolerance The LT117A . The LM3device is an adjustable three-terminal positive-voltage regulator capable of supplying more than 1. LM3is a common replacement for LM3and is functionally equivalent in every respect, except it’s rated for up to 3A. LM317T datasheet, cross reference, circuit and application notes in pdf format. LM3NTE Equvilent NTE9positive adjustable voltage regulator. NTE9Integrated Circuit Positive Adjustable Voltage Regulator 1. In our article Using the LM3with LED Lighting we looked at how the LM317T (and high current equivalent LM338T) can be used to supply a fixed current to a . Read about ‘LM3in parallel – Answered – LM25circuit.

Google for equivalence tables which should be available. This regulator provides for thermal shut down and short-circuit control, which are in the LM3internal circuit. The LM3equivalent to the simple linear current . The LM3is an adjustable 3−terminal positive voltage regulator capable of. LM3can be used as a precision current regulator.

The LM21 LM3are monolithic integrated. I have a simple circuit using an LM317-type voltage regulator (ZLDO1117GTA) as a constant-current source. Done some maths on the LM313and 3to drive LEDs, was wondering how close to the ball park I. The LM317T is a series adjustable linear positive voltage regulator. It has an adjust pin an input pin and an output pin.

Im trying to build a circuit and I need the LM3to create it, i can´t find it anywhere in the internet. It is the supply-side equivalent impedance as traversed by the load current when on. The output impedance of the LM31 even at DC, depends strongly on the . A tutorial on the LM3voltage regulator.

Find the PDF Datasheet, Specifications and Distributor Information. By using two 2N30transistors we become more . LM3equivalent die to USM33-terminal adjustable positive voltage regulator for hybrid circuits and microwave power amplifiers known good die LM series . O equivalente do LM3é o LM1117T-ADJ versao TO2ou SOT. Unica forma de desligar é colocar o pino de referencia ao terra, mas a .

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