Rocksmith real tone cable alternative

If you ask to Ubisoft, they will tell you that the Rocksmith Real Tone Cable is a must. I am looking for a good alternative to the realtone cable that comes with RS. I looked at several guitar-to-usb cables on amazon but many of .

I see that the Real Tone Cable is like USD on the Ubisoft site and even more on Amazon, why the hell the the price sky-rocket? The game inherently looks specifically for the Real Tone cable. The Rocksmith real tone cable seems pretty costly to me.

ATTENTION: I recommend deactivate the Microphone and use the Line in to reduce the.

I bought Rocksmith 20around a year ago. A few months ago my cable started giving off a lot of feedback. I love rocksmith, I have played guitar off and on for years and its a fun way to learn songs and play, but so help me god those realtone cables . Attempting to replicate the rocksmith real tone cable.

You can use a standard cable that fit in your guitar and your PC souncar then.

I recently started recording music and not having much money available i decided to purchase the rocksmith real tone cable . Find helpful customer reviews and review ratings for Ubisoft Rocksmith Real Tone Cable at Amazon. Read honest and unbiased product reviews from our . For Rocksmith 20Edition on the PC, a GameFAQs message board topic. If you get down to the reality of the situation, the real tone cable is not. None of the alternatives you’ve given is a one size fits all solution though. How to play rocksmith without a real tone cable.

Setting up Rocksmith 20with a real guitar amp is pretty easy, but you’re. Plug the Rocksmith Real Tone cable into one of the outputs of your. Includes alternative guitar technique ideas and original video examples. I live in a backwater country where you just can’t find the Real Tone cable for sale anywhere. Salut, je voulais savoir si vous aviez des liens pour acheter le câble JackUSB.

Tu le trouveras en tapant realtone cable rocksmith sur. You no longer have to have a Real Tone Cable plugged in to play along with. Acoustic guitar + USB microphone = #Rocksmith acoustic! Now if we only had more than a handful of alternate bass arrangements…… =.