Scribble pen

Copy any color in the worl Share, Save to your mobile devices. Comfortably write or draw, lag-free, on your mobile devices. Effortlessly write or draw in any color ink you can .

C’est aujourd’hui possible avec le Scribble Pen, un étonnant stylo connecté capable de scanner et de reproduire les couleurs ! Scribble – A Revolutionary Pen That Draws In Any Color – PRE-ORDER NOW. Le Scribble Pen est effectivement une réalité. Ce stylo high-tech permet de dessiner dans n’importe quelle . Scribble Pen is a smart pen that lets you draw in any color simply objects by scanning them with its built in color sensor.

The possibilities are endless with the Scribble Pen! La question du jour nous vient de Gouny qui nous demande quand le Scribble Pen sera disponible. Merci pour cette question intéressante, . Voilà le rêve des peintres réalistes qui se réalise… sous la forme d’un stylo ! Grâce au Scribble Pen, il sera désormais possible de choisir une . The pen that can write in any color on earth VentureBeat – This smart pen’s ink changes based on.

This smart pen can detect any color and enable you to write with that color on paper or on your tablet. Scribble Technology claims that it is able to scan color from any object and .

It then instantly cools and solidifies as you begin drawing the . With this new Scribble pen making a run on Kickstarter, all the hues of the world could be yours. For many, Scribble seemed like the best thing since sliced bread. It was a pen that could copy the color of absolutely anything simply by . The Scribble Pen is a revolutionary device that lets you scan and reproduce any color on Earth.

Touch any object with the scanner, and a pump . The Scribble Pen replicates real-world colors. A new pen can copy the colors around you and let you draw with them. The Scribble Pen uses “smart ink” technology to accurately mix the ink to the color you select with the RGB color sensor scanner at the back .