Wire glue

With a little container of Wire Glue, you can put aside your soldering iron forever. Wire Glues bonds the components together AND conducts electricity. Soldering Gun in a Jar Wire glue-the solution when you can’t find the soldering iron, don’t want to bother, are out in the woods, don’t quite trust a fifth-grader with .

Find great deals on for Wire Glue in Industrial Supplies and MRO. Achetez Colle conductrice Wire Glue: Équipement pour soudage – Amazon. Livraison gratuite possible dès € d’achat. Wire Glue utilizes the latest advances in microcarbon technology to bring you a highly conductive glue at a fraction the price of competitive products which use . This Graphite-Filled Conductive Wire Glue is perfect for high-temperature operating conditions metals, conductive heat-resistant adhesive like ceramic and . Has anyone used the ‘NO Soldering Iron Conductive Wire Glue’? Does it really work as a substitute for soldering?

Wire Glue is a electrically conductive adhesive that enables you to make solder-free connections when you don’t have a. It can be used to paint on wires and resistors and as a glued solder joint. It can also be used to paint on strain gauges, temperature sensors, electromagnetic . This conductive adhesive is a paint-on alternative to soldering. No Solder Construction Built with Wire Glue.

Click Here to See a Complete Listing of All . Wire Glue Conductive Glue uses microcarbon technology to make a glue that also conducts electricity. Might be an possible alternative to fields metal or conductive paint. ThinkGeek is now selling Wire Glue, a conductive adhesive made with micro-carbons.

Just about anyone who solders frequently these days has heard a bit about this new product called Wire Glue. Wire Glue – electrically conductive adhesive.