Baldor motor specs

The following specifications documents and dimension charts are available as. Cooling Tower Motor Specifications; RPM AC CT-8Cooling Tower Motor . Phase Baldor Farm Duty Motors thru 1Horsepower NEMA thru 405T; Small Motor Rule, .

Products (3970); Motors (098); Mounted Bearings (852); Couplings (413); Enclosed Gearing (1819); Drives (726); Conveyor Components (536) . Close-coupled pump motors made before late 20did not have a regulated efficiency. In one recent case, a user replacing a 7. Super-E (through 5Hp) motors that exceed NEMA.

Super-E premium-efficient motors ranges from through. Baldor’s Super-E line offers customers the highest overall efficiency levels in the . These NEMA frame fractional HP DC motors include both wound field and permanent magnet designs. Wound field designs are available through HP and . Baldor has the industry’s largest line of energy-efficient electrical motors and adjustable speed drives.

You’ll be able to access specifications and technical information on a wide. If the motor that you desire does not appear, contact your local Baldor District Office . Baldor’s reputation for hardworking, clean-running motors gets another boost from this . Find great deals on for Baldor Motor 3HP in Electric Motors with HP to HP.

NEMA states that the motor nameplate must show:. Measurement of work done per unit of time . HP Super-E Motor is suitable for variable torque applications and 20:constant torque speed range with properly sized and adjusted . For use in hard-to-start applications, this general purpose motor helps to get equipment going. It features a totally enclose fan-cooled motor enclosure design, . HP, 1770RPM, 3PH, 60HZ, 213T, 0735M, TEFC, F. Specs Maximum HorsePower Maximum RPM 17Phase Single Input Voltage 115; 208; 2Frame Size 182T.

The Baldor ProSPEC Team Has Fast, Accurate. Now you have a single source for motor and drive specification .

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