Deutsch connector catalog

For decades, DEUTSCH industrial electrical connectors have been counted. TE’s DEUTSCH filtered connector technology offers you control of EMI interference and EMP protection in ruggedized environments with potential weight and . Deutsch DT Series Connectors feature rectangular housing with silicone rubber seals and are rated at amps continuous.

Deutsch Industrial Connectors (download catalog). DEUTSCH distributor Mouser Electronics is stocking DEUTSCH connector products. DEUTSCH connectors are now TE Connectivity. Fundamental to the Deutsch connector series is the principle that all .

The Deutsch HDSeries connector, was developed to meet the needs of the. Deutsch plastic shell HDPSeries provide cost effectiveness with heavy duty . Deutsch DT connectors including DTM, DTP and DT Caterpillar specification. Deutsch Industrial Complete Catalogue (Mb) . These affordable connectors have been embraced by engineers, technicians and. For more information you can view the complete Deutsch Catalogue (Mb) . When it comes to the world of connectors and cable there is a vast array of.

ICC is your AS9100C value-added distributor for DEUTSCH D389Connectors, military and. In the early 1940s, OEM manufacturers in the United States began to use Deutsch Connectors in electronic diesel applications and accessories.

All Deutsch connectors are thermal cycle tested and environmentally. Deutsch specifically for the autosport market.

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