Combine internet connections, increase your download speed. Et bien c’est que permet Dispatch, un proxy en NodeJS qui une fois installé sur votre machine Linux, Mac ou Windows vous permettra de . New easy-to-use, cross-platform (Windows, Mac, Linux) ‘dispatch-proxy’ project aims to fill this gap allowing users to benefit from combined .

Today we are going to show you how to install dispatch-proxy on windows. Dispatch proxy is a handy tool which will help you to use multiple . Dispatch-proxy is a free and open source tool that essentially combines multiple internet connections into one single pipe. Dispatch Proxy is the solution for this type of problems.

It balances the traffic across or more connections. Popular Alternatives to Dispatch-proxy for Windows, Mac, Linux, iPhone, iPad and more. Explore apps like Dispatch-proxy, all suggested and ranked by the . Step – install dispatch proxy: npm install -g dispatch-proxy.

I installed dispatch-proxy on Lubuntu 14. The problem is the SOCKS proxy works with firefox but not with fatrat or .

Dispatch proxy is a FOSS solution that allows you to use multiple connections and “combine” them as one by creating a locally hosted proxy on . Dispatch proxy is a free and open source tool which can help you in combining multiple internet connections. Provides a class to dynamically create proxy types that implement a specified interface and derive from a specified DispatchProxy type. T CreateT, TProxy()where TProxy : DispatchProxy . Follow dispatch-proxy to get notified about new versions.

Dispatch-proxy lets you boot a proxy on your machine that dispatches every incoming connection to a different network interface.