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Aller à Font families – Computer Modern Roman is the default font family for LaTeX. Les quatre premières commandes, \fontencoding , \fontfamily . My goal is to choose a nice font family (serif, sans serif, monospace, and math) for my basic LaTeX template.

Family Font Name pag Avant Garde fvs Bitstream Vera Sans pbk Bookman. LaTeX users, since any font installed on . Et pourtant il y a un très grand choix de polices avec LaTeX, ce que lesdits. De fait, celles que nous allons voir sont toutes des fontes PostScript type. Dans cette section figurent également les TeX Gyre fonts, conçues . The form of the letters within a font family.

I found the solution thanks to the link in Vincent’s answer. This changes the default font family to sans-serif. Under the new font selection system (NFSS) employed by LaTeX2e, a font has five attributes: encoding, family, series, shape, and size. How to change fonts from Times Roman to Helvetica in Latex: Some can ask to change the font size and font type in latex.

LaTeX has numerous commands for changing the typestyle. The font families available in LaTeX include roman, sans serif and typewriter:. The LaTeX option is activated by setting text.

The first valid font in each family is the one that will be loaded. The LaTeX notion of font families is slightly different. It remembers at least three font families at any given time, one for each generic family . This package provides support for this font family in LaTeX.

It includes the original TrueType fonts, as well as Type versions, converted for this package using . TeX’s default font family is called Computer Modern, of which the most familiar and recognizable is Computer Modern Roman. I’d like to use that font for the LaTeX text as well.