Waterproof humidity sensor

I am looking for a waterproof temperature and humidity sensor which works with Rpi GPIO, it seems DHTand SHT1X works with rpi but are . While the sensor is good up to 125°C the cable is jacketed in PVC so we suggest keeping it under 100°C. DHTtemperature-humidity sensor + extras.

It is a basic, low-cost digital temperature and humidity sensor. Waterproof DS18BDigital temperature sensor + extras. I say you use a water proof temperature sensor which also even if . How to weatherproof sensors9 messagesjanv.

Looking for these sensors8 messagesaoût 2011Autres résultats sur forum. Popular Waterproof Temperature Humidity Sensor-Buy Cheap. Shop our selection of humidity and temperature sensors from the industry’s top brands.

DS18BWaterproof Digital Temperature Sensor. The AKCP Waterproof Temperature and Humidity sensor is designed to work in wet environments and its revolutionary design uses a specially designed casing .

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