M bus protocol specification

The protocol of the data link layer is based on the international standard IEC . The Meter-Bus is a low cost bus system for remote reading and powering utility meters. This standard covers the physical and link layer parameters of baseband communication. Any link layer or application layer protocol of up to 4Baud is . M-Bus (Meter-Bus) is a European standard for the remote reading of gas or electricity meters. The concept was based on the ISO-OSI Reference Model, in order to realize an open system which could utilize almost any desired protocol. The Manufacturer reserves the right to modify the specifications in this manual without . M-BUS (Meter-Bus) is a communication standard which is developed in the co-operation of University Padeborn and Texas Instruments German company.

The M-Bus protocol is a standard protocol for reading devices like Heating. Many manufacturers have implemented the M-Bus protocol in their products, but in . Meanwhile the M-Bus has become established as a separate standard in EN. M-Bus meters offer downloadable specifications of the M-Bus protocols for .

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