Hts code list

HTS Search supports the following functionality: Contains Any: Enter one or more words separated by a single space. This preliminary edition of the 20Harmonized Tariff Schedule takes effect January 2017. This page consists of the most recent online version of the .

Annex C – Schedule Customs District and Port Codes. An HS code or HTS code stands for Harmonized System or Harmonized Tariff Schedule. The codes are used to classify and define internationally traded goods.

Le code HS est un code de reconnaissance internationale.

Il est utilisé principalement dans l’établissement de la nomenclature douanière nationale et la . Federal Reserve Foreign Exchange Rates, APEC Tariff Rates, North America Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA), Standard Industrial . This article will help you understand the difference between HS codes, HTS codes, and Schedule B codes. Trying to find an HTS (Harmonized Tariff Schedule) code for your shipment? Hs Code finder thematic search engine for finding correct tariff classification or to determine harmonized system code (HS codes) or HTS Code and CAS . Trade Tariff: look up commodity codes, duty and VAT rates.

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