Transverter 1296 mhz

Transverter 12MHz MHz : trvt1296fiCe transverter permet de trafiquer sur une bande 23cm à partir du 6m, l’utilisation du MHz en FI est très utile . Description: Transverter for 23cm amateur radio band. The complete high performance 12to 1300MHz Transverter is constructed using three separate Kits, and takes around hours to construct and tune.

The Multiband Microwave Transverter scheme included 12MHz with high-side LO injection, to take advantage of the common local oscillator at 7MHz. I have decided to build the Kuhne MKU 13G2B kit. The Kuhne transverter covers 1296-12MHz and the IF is at 144-1MHz.

DB6NT 1w mini-transverter driving the 100w brick amplifier . Complete construction details for a simple, inexpensive transverter for ssb and CW that will make a noticeable dent on the 1296-MHz. How cheap you can go for the project like 23cm transverter?

Local oscillator board + one Transverter board (12MHz) $20. Almost years ago I built my own 23cm transverter – DF8QK. Ce transverter cm été construit dans les années 19suite à une publication dans la revue MHz, les circuits imprimés étaient disponibles . His solution : NEW- 12MHz Transverter – Right Side Up (Low-side LO injection) Paper – which I still didn’t like because the 64MHz oscillator . Existe, en el mundo de la radioafición, un interés creciente por la experimentación en las bandas de microondas. W1GHZ rover 12MHz transverter (modified), with RMS-mixer, and INA-021(N02) at the RX side.

Downeast Microwave Transverter Repair Service. MN, I bought a Down East Microwave GHz-1MHz transverter kit and matching 3W amplifier kit. I also ended up buying a set of circuit boards from W1GHZ for his 12transverter.