Connector deutsch catalogue

For decades, DEUTSCH industrial electrical connectors have been counted. Deutsch DT Series Connectors feature rectangular housing with silicone rubber seals and are rated at amps continuous. Deutsch Industrial Connectors (download catalog).

TE’s DEUTSCH filtered connector technology offers you control of EMI interference and EMP protection in ruggedized environments with potential weight and . TE’s DEUTSCH Autosport connectors are market leaders, chosen by many racing teams as reliable, lightweight, and technologically advanced products. TE’s DEUTSCH 9Series connectors were designed for severe aircraft zones. Available in two versions, the DEUTSCH 9series connector is used in its .

The complete range of Deutsch Industrial products includes the nine series listed below. For more information you can view the complete Deutsch Catalogue .

The Deutsch DRC Series Connector is a rectangular connector that offers insert arrangements of 24560. Download TK Distributors Deutsch Catalogue . The TE DEUTSCH DTS series is now being used in many applications requiring. DEUTSCH connectors are quick-mating, environmentally-seale triple-lead . Retrouvez la gamme de Connecteurs Carrier Kheops Bac et Deutsch pour vos applications en.

Pour plus d’informations, voir le catalogue du Connecteur CEV . DEUTSCH distributor Mouser Electronics is stocking DEUTSCH connector products. DEUTSCH connectors are now TE Connectivity. Pince à sertir cosses Deutsch DT – DTM – HD professionnel. Spare parts list for climatisation :Electric component DEUTSCH Connector.

Tubing Clips30; Nylon Rubber Insulated Clamps30. Connectors13; Pin Connectors9; Twist Connects9.